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Comment obtenir la liste des paramètres cachés d’ASM.

col value for a8
SQL> col name for a39
col describe for a70
SQL> set lines 260 pages 100
SQL> select a.ksppinm name, b.ksppstvl value, a.ksppdesc describe
2 from x$ksppi a, x$ksppcv b
3 where a.inst_id = userenv(’Instance’)
and b.inst_id = userenv(’Instance’)
5 and a.indx = b.indx
6 and a.ksppinm like ‘\_asm%’ escape ‘\’
7 order by name;

————————————— ——– ———————————————————————-
_asm_acd_chunks 1 initial ACD chunks created
_asm_admin_with_sysdba FALSE Does the sysdba role have administrative privileges on ASM?
_asm_allow_appliance_dropdisk_noforce FALSE Allow DROP DISK/FAILUREGROUP NOFORCE on ASM Appliances
_asm_allow_lvm_resilvering TRUE Enable disk resilvering for external redundancy
_asm_allow_only_raw_disks TRUE Discovery only raw devices
_asm_allow_system_alias_rename FALSE if system alias renaming is allowed
_asm_appliance_config_file Appliance configuration file name
_asm_ausize 1048576 allocation unit size
_asm_automatic_rezone TRUE automatically rebalance free space across zones
_asm_avoid_pst_scans TRUE Avoid PST Scans
_asm_blksize 4096 metadata block size
_asm_check_for_misbehaving_cf_clients FALSE check for misbehaving CF-holding clients
_asm_compatibility 10.1 default ASM compatibility level
_asm_dba_batch 500000 ASM Disk Based Allocation Max Batch Size
_asm_dba_spcchk_thld 20000 ASM Disk Based Allocation Space Check Threshold
_asm_dba_threshold 0 ASM Disk Based Allocation Threshold
_asm_dbmsdg_nohdrchk FALSE dbms_diskgroup.checkfile does not check block headers
_asm_diag_dead_clients FALSE diagnostics for dead clients
_asm_direct_con_expire_time 120 Expire time for idle direct connection to ASM instance
_asm_disable_amdu_dump FALSE Disable AMDU dump
_asm_disable_async_msgs FALSE disable async intra-instance messaging
_asm_disable_multiple_instance_check FALSE Disable checking for multiple ASM instances on a given node
_asm_disable_profilediscovery FALSE disable profile query for discovery
_asm_disable_smr_creation FALSE Do Not create smr
_asm_disable_ufg_dump FALSE disable terminated umbilicus diagnostic
_asm_disk_repair_time 14400 seconds to wait before dropping a failing disk
_asm_emulate_nfs_disk FALSE Emulate NFS disk test event
_asm_emulmax 10000 max number of concurrent disks to emulate I/O errors
_asm_emultimeout 0 timeout before emulation begins (in 3s ticks)
_asm_evenread 2 ASM Even Read level
_asm_evenread_alpha 0 ASM Even Read Alpha
_asm_evenread_alpha2 0 ASM Even Read Second Alpha
_asm_evenread_faststart 0 ASM Even Read Fast Start Threshold
_asm_fail_random_rx FALSE Randomly fail some RX enqueue gets
_asm_fd_cln_idle_sess_twait 10000000 Idle session time wait to run ASM FD cleanup
_asm_fd_cln_on_fg TRUE ASM stale FD cleanup on foregrounds
_asm_fob_tac_frequency 9 Timeout frequency for FOB cleanup
_asm_force_quiesce FALSE Force diskgroup quiescing
_asm_global_dump_level 267 System state dump level for ASM asserts
_asm_hbeatiowait 15 number of secs to wait for PST Async Hbeat IO return
_asm_hbeatwaitquantum 2 quantum used to compute time-to-wait for a PST Hbeat check
_asm_imbalance_tolerance 3 hundredths of a percentage of inter-disk imbalance to tolerate
_asm_instlock_quota 0 ASM Instance Lock Quota
_asm_iostat_latch_count 31 ASM I/O statistics latch count
_asm_kfdpevent 0 KFDP event
_asm_kfioevent 0 KFIO event
_asm_kill_unresponsive_clients TRUE kill unresponsive ASM clients
_asm_libraries ufs library search order for discovery
_asmlib_test 0 Osmlib test event
_asm_log_scale_rebalance FALSE Rebalance power uses logarithmic scale
_asm_lsod_bucket_size 67 ASM lsod bucket size
_asm_max_cod_strides 5 maximum number of COD strides
_asm_maxio 1048576 Maximum size of individual I/O request
_asm_max_redo_buffer_size 2097152 asm maximum redo buffer size
_asm_partner_target_disk_part 8 target maximum number of disk partners for repartnering
_asm_partner_target_fg_rel 4 target maximum number of failure group relationships for repartnering
_asm_primary_load 1 Number of cycles/extents to load for non-mirrored files
_asm_primary_load_cycles TRUE True if primary load is in cycles, false if extent counts
_asm_random_zone FALSE Random zones for new files
_asm_rebalance_plan_size 120 maximum rebalance work unit
_asm_rebalance_space_errors 4 number of out of space errors allowed before aborting rebalance
_asm_repairquantum 60 quantum (in 3s) used to compute elapsed time for disk drop
_asm_reserve_slaves TRUE reserve ASM slaves for CF txns
_asm_root_directory ASM ASM default root directory
_asm_runtime_capability_volume_support FALSE runtime capability for volume support returns supported
_asm_secondary_load 10000 Number of cycles/extents to load for mirrored files
_asm_secondary_load_cycles FALSE True if secondary load is in cycles, false if extent counts
_asm_serialize_volume_rebalance FALSE Serialize volume rebalance
_asm_shadow_cycle 3 Inverse shadow cycle requirement
_asmsid asm ASM instance id
_asm_skip_rename_check FALSE skip the checking of the clients for s/w compatibility for rename
_asm_skip_resize_check FALSE skip the checking of the clients for s/w compatibility for resize
_asm_storagemaysplit FALSE PST Split Possible
_asm_stripesize 131072 ASM file stripe size
_asm_stripewidth 8 ASM file stripe width
_asm_sync_rebalance FALSE Rebalance uses sync I/O
_asm_usd_batch 64 ASM USD Update Max Batch Size
_asm_wait_time 18 Max/imum time to wait before asmb exits

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